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i slep

skelestrolls replied to your post:oh so are we talking about fanspecies? well once…

yooooooo, hello fellow Trekkie! your fanspecies sounds awesome!! *v*

yes they are! and the best part is, those islands all inhabit human slaves!!!

i was a messed up kid….. i grew up with my parents talking about Star Trek and my mom would show me an episode or 2 every now and then and i got hooked.  this little elementary school kid making a planet where fish rule and humans are slaves……  yeah everyone is happy, but the slaves

i cant believe i fucking remember it though.  i think my mom still has the pages i drew on…..the planet’s inhabitants were not really seadwellers though… more like fishmen from One Piece.  part marine animal part human with waaaayyy off body proportions.

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hc-ic replied to your post:/drawing fantroll/ /mom walks in/ “the fuck are…

"sllort", I’m dying

i know right?  i panicked and thought ‘shit i gotta think of a species name.  they’re trolls, so reverse it you get SLLORT!’

not my best idea, but it worked i live to see another day

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oh so are we talking about fanspecies?

well once upon a time i accidentally made hornless seadwellers in Star Trek.

/drawing fantroll/

/mom walks in/

"the fuck are you drawing?"

/hasnt drawn demonic horns yet/

well you see, mi madre, i am drawing a fictional alien race.  they are called sllort

"oh thats interesting"

/mom leaves/

…….. holy shit

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psa: do not rush people that manage ask blogs, rp blogs, and etc. The manager of the blog has EVERY RIGHT to not answer your asks or threads right away or at all if they want and have every right to go at their own pace. It’s their blog, not yours. Stop rushing them.

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evenmoretiredtrolls said: 


nono you dont understand.  Madoka is fine….. its justtttttttt……………

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+ In the middle of a conversation, my muse begins to cough up blood. How does your muse respond?



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oh my god you guys listen i fucking hate my entire club

im the VP of my school’s AnimeClub.  horrendous, right?  its okay, the Pres and i dont tolerate ‘kawaii neko desu desu’ shit.  its basically 2 people trying to widen people’s range of anime (how the president likes to say.  im just calling it ‘lets spend an hour watching stupid japanese cartoons)

the president wanted to do an abridged series instead of just watching anime.  so we did a poll vote. guess which anime we’re doing?

we had on the board:

-Madoka Magica

-One Piece


-Sailor Moon

-Future Diary

-Ouran HS Host Club

we weeded it out to Madoka and Ouran.

my freaking club voted for Madoka Magica for an abridged series and the president and i fucking cringed and i fucking give up i hate my club i need the freshmen to shut the fuck up with their ‘baka-chan’ and ‘aho-kun’ and ‘SENPAI-SAMA’ and shit i fucking swear im gonna murder half my club

>You pat some ash off of your pants and stretch.  You finished with some cleaning and you were off to take a short walk.  Your lusus lay snoozing in the moonlight as you patted his head and took off.